Fidget Spinner Games are getting more popular and there are many different kinds of these stress relieving games. People can no long require a real fidget spinner. This hand spinner simulator contains two spinners and allows players to play in single mode or to compete with another person.

In the single play, you can challenge yourself to make 2 spinners stop at with the same number of spins.

With a tap of a finger, the game lets you switch instantly different hand spinner simulator designs even when the bear is still spinning.

Fidget Spinner Games features:

1. Dozens of fidget spinners designs to choose from.
2. Instant switching between designs while spinning
3. Free Fidget Spinner Games support 2 players
4. Full control of spinner speed and number of swipes

Happy playing and relieve stress with Double Fidget Spinner Games !!!!

2-player mode

Spin and see who reaches the highest score?

Draw Challenge

What is the highest score you can Draw? Use your index finger and middle finger and start the challenge now.

Winner and Loser

And we know who wins...